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Inspyder Finder is like having Ctrl-F ("Find") for your entire website. If you've ever wanted to know which of your pages contained a particular word, phrase or filename, the answer is here. Most modern websites contain scripts that generate pages when they are loaded. Content may come from a database, files, or be pulled from a different server all together. If that's the case, then searching the local files on your hard drive isn't the same as searching your finished website. This is why Finder is different. Finder searches the pages delivered by your webserver, providing results from the entire site, not script source code and incomplete content. Inspyder Finder is built on the same proven technology as Inspyder InSite. Inspyder Finder starts at your homepage, and searches through each page it finds looking for your query. Inspyder Finder automatically follows the links it encounters, just like InSite. Additionally, Inspyder Finder can search through password protected pages, or be configured to ignore certain portions of your site. For the most complicated searches, Inspyder Finder supports the use of wildcards. Wildcards are a powerful way to match a particular text pattern. For example, if you wanted to find all the occurrences of the word "inventory" followed by any number followed by ".html" (such as "inventory1.html" or "inventory47.html"), a simple text match won't do. Finder's wildcard feature can let you find all these, quickly and easily ("inventory{[0-9],[0-9][0-9]}.html")

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